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Testing bench

Laboratory test

Our laboratory test is equipped with a filling station available for customers who want to test their products.

In the laboratory, the real filling conditions are simulated with the possibility of testing different types of dosing peaks and analyzing the behavior of the product, in addition to obtaining the video recording with the values that check the productivity of the system before deciding to buy the machine.

BSC Argentina favors from the beginning the development and experimentation of new solutions and technical applications. The efforts in this direction allow us to build hydraulically designed filling valves with dosing peaks to laminar flow which produces a jet without turbulence and minimal foaming, thus optimizing the production of our machines.

We are constantly updating and adapting the filling technology with flowmeters to the needs of our customers, according to the type of product or container to be filled, allowing the highest work precision and extreme operational flexibility.

Let us demonstrate the advantages of our system by testing your products and packaging in our facilities.

Below you can see videos of tests carried out with very foamy liquids in different types of containers and viscous liquids, such as balsamic vinegar.


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