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We design and manufacture packaging machines with digital flowmeters and ultra-clean system, the main characteristic of our equipment is the high precision filling and the packaging and product versatility, a single machine can fill several container formats and work with very different liquids, the format changeover operation is done in the shortest possible time and with the minimum washing requirements.

The use of electronic flowmeters eliminates the need for a storage tank, so that the product arrives through a pump to the filling valve, passing through closed pipes that prevent oxidation.

The effectiveness of the system reduces product changeover and cleaning of the equipment to a few minutes, the parts of the hydraulic circuit do not have to be disassembled and the washing operation is automatically controlled.

Our filling valves are hydraulically designed with dosing nozzles that produce a turbulence-free jet and minimize foaming.The ultra clean system used in BSC fillers, allows precise filling without the filling valve touching the container, thus avoiding any possibility of contamination. Another advantage is its hydraulic design with no dead zones to prevent bacterial growth.

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